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Our key deliverables include:


  • Proprietary, secured, key-words searchable database:


Authorized subscribers are able to search and download the profiling data as well as any available technical literature and published research associated with selected research candidates.  All available data is searchable and viewable by author’s names, by research sponsor organization, and/or by research specialty and focus area - (Ex: Research Entity, Affiliation Map and KOK Profile Samples).


  • On-demand technical evaluation and vetting analyses:


Subscribers also have access to on-demand due diligence support services to further evaluate the specific attributes, stage of research, research affiliations and funding support associated with selected research entities, research and/or SMEs listed in our database.


  • Customized scientific symposiums and Round -Tables:


After vetting and selection, subscribers also have the option to participate in scientific Forums and Round-Tables to review the work of selected researchers of their choosing during live presentations – including demonstration and Q& A sessions.


  • Applied Research & proof of concept coordination and oversight:


We can also coordinate and oversee the completion of a research challenge of your choice in a controlled environment by candidates selected during our Round-Table demo events.  

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