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We apply a time-proven, bottom-up due diligence approach, starting with an exhaustive scientific literature review, followed by competency profiling and direct interviews screening sessions, in order to identify the most qualified SMEs and R&D partners in any targeted technology areas of your choice:

Phase I:

3. Candidate Screening Interviews:

Upon initial review, we contact selected candidates on a client-blind basis to assess the status and key affiliations, the skill level and ultimately, the potential fit of leading SMEs and technologies with your R&D requirements and priorities.

Phase II:

5. R&D Challenge & Proof
of Concept Commissioning:

We coordinate and oversee the implementation of applied Proof
of Concept projects by selected candidates of your choice.

4. Scientific Forums & Symposiums:

We organize tailored R&D Challenges, Round-Tables and Symposiums to allow researchers of your choice to present their work and demonstrate the key attributes of their research.

2. Candidate Criteria Screening:

Through an exhaustive desktop research of scientific and technical publications, we use a customized criteria list of your choice to screen R&D specialists and technologies that are best positioned to solve your leading R&D challenges.

1. Scientific Publications Review: 

We continuously scan, search and evaluate scientific and technical abstracts, papers and citations published in leading technical publications, scientific journals, as well as patents and trademark databases in order to identify and screen emerging SMEs and potentially disruptive research in the targeted areas of your choice.

Note: In addition to a stand-alone analysis of data collected to date, the profiling data of SMEs and research entities identified in Phase I are accessible in a searchable database.

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