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  • With more than 20 years experience in strategic research and disruptive technology monitoring, we provide your organization with a flexible, tailor-fit, and cost-effective solution to identify emerging and “best fit” technology solutions and SMEs in the United States, China, Japan, and any of the EU 28 scientific communities.

  • Our data driven technology-mapping methodology allows you to identify most qualified and suitable research partners in any specialty of your choice, in order to lower the cost of your R&D cycle and accelerate innovation (e.g. methodology- Phase I for additional details).

  • Unlike other crowd-sourcing technology entities on the market, we take the time to contact and to qualify each technology candidate (lab and/or SME) identified during our initial due diligence in order to evaluate the status of their research as well as the scope of their existing professional affiliations (e.g. research grants and/or contractual ties) with leading industry players. 

  • We also qualify each candidate’s level of interest and knowledge eligibility to participate in a potential Proof of Concept engagement to demonstrate the applicability and efficacy of their research in response to a specific technology challenge of your choice.  

  • Finally, we also oversee and report the results of each Proof of Concept and scientific challenges assigned to selected candidate in order to evaluate their technical/know-how compatibility as well as their ability to meet your R&D challenges and objectives.  


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